A mulher que pedalou ao redor do mundo em quatro meses

Jenny Graham completou uma viagem de bicicleta de quase 30 mil km em apenas 124 dias

Jenny em passagem pela Rússia (Foto: Twitter Jenny Graham / The Adventure Syndicate)

Na semana passada, a escocesa Jenny Graham se tornou a mulher que pedalou ao redor do mundo em tempo recorde. Sim, agora ela é a mulher mais rápida a dar uma volta ao mundo de bicicleta: Jenny demorou apenas 124 dias (cerca de 4 meses) para pedalar 29.600 km. O recorde anterior era da italiana Paola Gianotti, que em 2014 fez esta viagem em 144 dias.

“Saí pedalando para ver o quão longe eu poderia ir”, disse Jenny ao The Guardian. O recorde mundial entre os homens é do britânico Mark Beamont, que no ano passado pedalou ao redor do mundo em 79 dias.

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O ciclistas que se submetem a esse desafio têm que pedalar pelo menos 28 mil quilômetros de maneira autossuficiente — e mais 11 mil km de voos no exterior.

Jenny pedalou ao redor do mundo mesmo!

Jenny começou e acabou em Berlim, Alemanha. E, pelo caminho, passou pela Polônia, Letônia, Lituânia, Rússia, Mongólia, China, Austrália, Nova Zelândia, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Portugal, Espanha e França.

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Yippity yip! Half way around the world #saywhaaaaaat 🤙🤙 #Repost @adventuresynd • • • Current location: Dubbo, Australia Miles covered so far: 9,048 Estimated miles to go: 8,952 JENNYS PASSED THE HALFWAY MARK!! It's official! Halfway around the world in 56 Days… an unbelievable achievement already, and every pedal stroke takes her closer to home along with a new world record. Its been a tough week ripping through Australia with rain, sleet and snow really taking its toll on Jenny's poor feet. Temperatures sitting around 9 degrees during the day, but plummeting to 0 at night haven't helped either. But sightings of wild Emu and cockatoos, along with the sun at last re-appearing and a tailwind are helping to keep her spirits up. Jenny was also joined by friends Dave, Matt and Kerrie this week for a little moral support on these long cold days in the saddle on the other side of the world. All this has left Jenny filled up with positivity and rolling on to the east coast before heading to New Zealand! A big thank you to sponsors Leigh Day Cycling Unitas Global APIDURA Shand Cycles Endura komoot Hunt Bike Wheels RitcheyLogic John Hampshire Coaching Cycling UK Insta360 You can follow Jen's adventure here http://theadventuresyndicate.com/round-the-world/ and use the hashtag #eastboundRTW #worldbybike #bikepacking #biketravel #bikewander #lifebehindbars #cyclinglife #instacycling #womenscycling #velo #getoutside

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Jenny pedalou mais rápido ao redor do mundo, e para conseguir o feito recorde, chegava a pedalar mais de 20 horas por dia! E muitas vezes ela pedalava à noite, para evitar o tráfego intenso das estradas.

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Looky looky 👀👀 #china is just around the corner (on the grand scheme of things!) I've not recognized a road sign name since Moscow which was 3weeks 🔙🔙 that way!!! Had a tactical sleep last night before taking on a monster of a climb for breakfast! Met these Rockstars at the top heading the other way, they're the first tourers I've seen for weeks! We had a very excited hug at the top -I might have held on for too long #awks! But it was just sooooooooooooo good to see cyclists 🚴🚴🚴 I've hit #lakebaikal for lunch so all that's left to do is take a RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT and head for #monglia 😍 before coming here my only reference came from the scooter song…. 🤘 SIBERIA THE PLACE TO BE 🤘 and I tell you what, I think he might have been onto something 😉 #wondersoftheworld #beautifulplaces #beautifulpeople #jennygrahamis #eastboundRTW #bikelife #magictimes #fortheloveofbikes @johnhampshirecoaching @apidura

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E, antes de embarcar em seu voo final para Berlim, Jenny ainda pedalou pelo Alasca, enfrentando o breu durante o dia e uma friaca absurda.

“Sabia que, fazendo algo solo, eu teria que testar minhas capacidades física e mental”, disse Jenny no final, mal acreditando no que tinha acabado de fazer.

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Tattie bye Ozzie land 👋👋 it's been emosh but the mountains are calling #newzealandbound 🏔️🏔️ arrived in Brisbane at 6am after a wee smash through the night to make my early flight … ((Is it even flight day if you don't have to pull an all nighter 🤷!!)) I was scooped up by two incredible bike shops in Oz @glenparkcycles in Perth where I had a #takeover for the day❤️ and in Brisbane by @crankbicyclegarage both going wayyyyyyyy behond the call of duty 🦄🦄🦄 Currently on a propeller plane taking me to the tip of the south island @Invercargill. The sun is shinning and the people are smiling, I've got a feeling I'm gonna like it here 😉👌🦄🏔️🌟🌈 @adventuresynd

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